Honey has been used for its anti-bacterial properties for thousands of years. Today a number of clinical trials have shown honey to be beneficial in healing skin wounds such as ulcers and minor burns. Although all honeys tested worked to help clean up the wounds, the best performer was Manuka Honey from New Zealand.

Superbee Manuka Honey UMF 15+ is a high-strength active Manuka Honey sourced directly from New Zealand.
Active Manuka Honey provides an optimum germ-free moist wound-healing environment which supports and facilitates natural healing by:

  • helping clear infections which hinder healing
  • reducing inflammation which delays healing
  • nourishing new-growing tissues
  • reducing scarring
  • preventing dressings sticking to the wound

Apply directly and generously to cuts, grazes, skin ulcers, diabetic ulcers, pressure sores, boils, burns, weeping wounds and infections including MRSA. Cover with clean gauze and keep dry remembering to change the dressing at least every 24 hours. If the dressing sticks to the wound, try changing the dressing more frequently and/or using more honey. Use waterproof dressings and hold firmly in place with tape. Ensure that all equipment used is clean and sterile.

Manuka Honey is powerful and promotes natural healing. It helps reduce inflammation, infections, redness and assists in repairing the skin. In fact, Manuka Honey from New Zealand has been proven to help in the repair of skin.

Manuka Honey is also a wonderful tonic. It is very effective for the relief of stomach and duodenal ulcers and for treating sore throats and colds or simply as a general health tonic. Take 1-3 teaspoons of straight Manuka Honey up to 4 times per day. Do not eat or drink anything 1/2hr before or after to get the full strength of it into your system. Adjust the quantity and frequency as you feel necessary.  Diabetics must use discretion when taking honey orally.

At this point in time, our Manuka Honey cannot be posted to Western Australia because of their quarantine laws.