Australian Native Bee Propolis Extract


NATIVE BEEINGS PROPOLIS EXTRACT is a unique gift from nature for your everyday health, immune support and general wellbeing. 

Made from 100% organic ingredients.

Propolis is an amazing healing compound made by bees. Native Bee Propolis has very high bio-activity levels with potent anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.       

Bees manufacture propolis by harvesting and mixing a range of tree resins and plant sap with their own wax and enzymes to produce a brown sticky substance. They use it to protect and sanitise their hives and to build structures in the hive.

Trees produce resins to heal themselves when injured. Resins have powerful healing properties which safeguards the tree from infection and attacks. 

At Native Beeings® we specifically place our hives in rain forest and native bush environments so that they can forage and collect resins from a very wide variety of trees and plants. This wide variety of resins provides a diverse and complex spectrum of medicinal properties which results in the high bio-activity levels of our Native Beeings® propolis.  Repeated scientific testing has shown that our native bee propolis has 70% higher bio-activity levels than available honey bee propolis products.

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