A Sweeter You - Australian Manuka Honey with Chilli

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'A Sweeter You'  - our new range of Artisan honeys include Australian Manuka and Chilli.

This Manuka Honey cannot be shipped to Western Australia because of the quarantine laws. Please phone us on 1300 309 128 to discuss.

We begin with the finest 100% Australian Manuka Honey sourced from local beekeepers across the south-east coast of Australia. Our range of Artisan Manuka Honey uses carefully selected flavours to create a truly delectable taste experience in every serving.

We've turned up the heat with this taste bud tantalising combination of decandent sweet Australian Manuka Honey and just the right amount of fiery hot chilli. Zing!

Perfect as a marinade for chicken, fish and meat - sweetness and hot - can be used with cheese and biscuits or just take a teaspoon if you love chilli. Not too hot, just right.

A great gift for someone who has everything or you just want to give a gift to say thank you.

Raw, unpasteurised, pure 100% Australian Manuka Honey with Chilli. Nothing else is added. Comes in 3 sizes in a glass jar - 140g, 180g and 330g.

Try our Manuka and Ginger, Manuka and Plum and Manuka and Salt and keep a look out for other flavours coming out shortly.

Unfortunately, this honey cannot be sent to Western Australia because of their very strict quarantine laws.


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