February 21, 2017

The skin on the back of your hands is thinner and can become dryer faster than other parts of the body.  Our hands are also constantly exposed to chemicals, water, and germs, which can lead to them showing signs of aging way before other parts of our body do, including our face.

It is therefore important that the cream you use on your hands to moisturize and rehydrate is emollient rich, but also light enough to be applied often without leaving a greasy residue.  The best ingredient in Nature’s Gold hand cream is the Manuka Honey.  It is the perfect accompaniment to intensify the repair work that is needed on a part of the body that is constantly exposed to harsh elements, but it also means that we have been able to formulate a hand cream that feels light but highly effective.  We have also added beeswax to our hand cream to form a light barrier on the skin which helps protect it from water.  Given that your hands are exposed to water multiple times a day, this is very important.

The best time to apply hand cream is in the morning after showering, and in the evening just before bed.  Ideally, it is best to always apply hand cream after washing your hands, but that isn’t always a realistic goal for most people.  I follow the general rule of moisturizing my hands after I brush my teeth both morning and night, and the difference has been wonderful.  I find my cuticles and my nails also need little attention anymore, and my hands feel soft and cared for.  It is easy to neglect caring for your hands, as they are constantly exposed to harsh elements, so you tend to become used to them feeling slightly dry.  But, if you moisturize your hands as often as you do your face, you will see and feel the difference, and after a few weeks, you will likely feel like you can’t live without your hand cream!

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