January 13, 2017

Nature’s Gold was founded in 2005 by Jill Richards.  Years prior, Jill was introduced to Manuka Honey, and was intrigued by the positive effects Manuka Honey had when applied to the skin.  After extensive research, Jill created a natural skin cream with eczema sufferers in mind.  The cream was formulated as an aqueous cream, which is well known in the eczema community for being gentle and non-invasive on sensitive skin.  Jill was very selective with the quality of her ingredients, particularly the Manuka Honey.

Jill began selling her Manuka Skin Cream directly to customers from her small home-based business in Brisbane, Australia.  The feedback from Jill’s customers was stellar, and the formula for her original skin cream is the one we still use today.

Jill continued to research Manuka Honey, and was constantly encouraged by her loyal customers to expand her skincare range.

In 2012 Jill decided she would attempt to expand her product range.  While researching and formulating new products, Jill discovered a long list of natural Australian Bush Botanical ingredients that had wonderful benefits for the skin.   She was also excited about the Manuka Honey that was being produced in Australia, and became very active in the Australian Manuka Honey community.  Thanks to Jill’s intrigue and participation in helping to grow the Australian Manuka Honey industry, we now work closely with the Sunshine Coast University in Queensland.  All of the Manuka Honey used in our products are first tested by the Sunshine Coast University, then endorsed with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Jill finally released 10 new products suitable for retail in 2013.  Thanks to Jill’s strict standards for quality, her products have been a great success in Australia, and we continue to expand our range of products as a team, with Jill at the helm.  We began importing our products into the USA in late 2015, and we will continue to release new products into the US market as we grow.

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Karyn Fromene
Karyn Fromene

February 02, 2017

Well done Jill. Cannot recommend this lady highly enough

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