September 14, 2017

Our Manuka Power Concentrated Ointment has kick-started its presence in the USA with a BOOM, and we aren’t surprised.  Our Manuka Power is packed with Manuka Honey (30% is certified Manuka Honey NPA 15+), and our customers are impressed!  Here are a few of the customer reviews we have received across the web in 2017:

  • ‘This is great stuff for helping a stubborn wound to heal. Easy to apply, fills in any gaps, and stays in place under a bandaid or gauze pad.’
  • ‘I have learned to keep this in my purse everywhere I go, since it is so versatile. I have used this on small cuts, eczema patches, acne, and as a lip balm. I will periodically get large cystic acne spots, and I have found that a little dab of ointment a couple times a day drastically shrinks the spot overnight, and my skin recovers faster too. It's also great as a lip balm in the cold, dry Midwest winters.’
  • ‘Shortly after buying this, I severely slashed my index finger while gardening. The wound was extensive and jagged, though shallow. It took me about an hour of applying pressure to get the bleeding to stop. I put this ointment on along with a bandaid, and reapplied every night. A week later, the skin healed so perfectly that you can't even see the cut. There's no scar and no infection.’
  • ‘When my five year old got her ears pierced, they became badly infected. My daughter refused to remove the earrings, so I was searching for a natural solution that would not irritate the infection further. This ointment literally worked wonders. I applied it at bedtime, and the next morning we saw a major improvement. Within a few days the infection was gone.’
  • ‘Very powerful antimicrobial properties. Needs to be in a first aid kit, great stuff.’
  • ‘I work in an industry that requires me to frequently wash my hands, and as a result I have dermatitis. I have found this ointment to work better than any other non-chemical based solution for my condition.’

So, what are you waiting for?  Try it for yourself and let us know what YOU think!

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