September 09, 2016

It is well documented that spot-treating itchy skin with Manuka Honey is highly effective, and at Nature’s Gold we know that sometimes it isn’t appropriate to apply sticky honey directly to your skin.  Our Manuka Power Concentrated Ointment was created to help with the ‘sticky’ problems’ of applying Manuka Honey to your skin.  The ointment contains 30% Manuka Honey, and is blended with natural ingredients that are also highly effective on dry skin.  These ingredients combined help to keep the consistency of the ointment low on stickiness.  Many of our customers have seen amazing results using our ointment, and feedback with before and after photo’s are always my favorite!

Here is a review from one of our customers in Sydney Australia, who had great success using our Manuka Power Ointment on a hand irritation:

"Thank God for Nature's Gold Manuka Power Concentrated Ointment – it is just magic! I have been using it on a very itchy skin condition in the palm of my hand. My hands are in constant use and nothing I tried was helping, until I discovered your wonderful 'honey ointment'. It has gradually healed my splitting, brittle and itchy skin, and hugely reduced the terribly annoying irritation. The skin immediately became supple again and got back its flexibility and, importantly for my sanity, this miracle ointment somehow within several minutes, calms down the annoying itch that can sometimes be absolutely excruciating.

Now, with the redness gone, and looking almost like normal skin again, I still carry the handy little tube in my pocket wherever I go (to keep it warm and easy to use) as I'm not taking any chances.....oh, and I love the gentle lavender perfume!"

–  B Higgins, Sydney NSW



A little goes a long way with our Manuka Honey Ointment, so we have kept the tube size small enough to conveniently take with you everywhere you go.  This natural ointment doubles well as a lip balm, and is another great reason to keep it with your everywhere you go.  Click here to learn more about our Manuka Power Concentrated Ointment

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