February 21, 2018

Our Manuka Power Ointment is living up to it’s name, and has become a Power House in the USA!  Our customers across the USA are posting glowing reviews about the success they have had using Nature’s Gold Manuka Power.

My favorite reviews are the ones left on Amazon, as they have been written by verified customers, and truly show the real experiences of real people trying our products.  Here are just a few left so far on Amazon in 2018 for our Manuka Power Ointment:

This stuff is WONDERFUL. After battling a split on my thumb for ...
By AMR58 on February 9, 2018
This stuff is WONDERFUL. After battling a split on my thumb for several months and many bandages and antibiotic ointment I decided to check this out. Within one week of applying a couple of times a day my thumb was completely healed. I use on my lips and cuticles. I highly recommend trying this natural remedy.

Beyond wound & dry skin treatment
By Amazon Customer on February 9, 2018
For several years I've had a problem with severe itching and irritation around my eyes. The skin becomes lizard-like and swollen, and even spreads onto my face, neck and chest. A couple of different times the doc diagosed allergies and prescribed eye drops, which did nothing at all. I was totally miserable! I ordered this for my daughter, a nurse, and got a tube for myself. In desperation I put some around my eyes before bed, thickly. Next AM, much less irritation. After 2 more nights, whatever it was is gone. Now a week later and no recurrence. (Though now I know what to do if it ever happens again!). This product is great and I will surely order again.

This works for fever blisters
By sospira on February 3, 2018
I have been wondering for quite some time if Manuka honey might be a good treatment option for my occasional, painful, and slow healing fever blisters. This works! I’ve tried abreva and lysine with very little relief of symptoms. The Manuka honey soothes the sore and prevented the last stage cracking and bleeding.

Five Stars
By ShaunaT on January 29, 2018
Healing a scaly patch near my lip. Wish I'd found this 5 years sooner!

I'm a believer!
By Anonymous on January 21, 2018
Wonderful product - heals quickly - was surprised how well and fast it worked. Will definitely buy again!

Nature’s Gold Manuka Power Ointment is available for sale on our website for $13.50 with free shipping across the USA.  The lowest price available for our twin packs are sold on our website for $22.95!  Try it for yourself today.

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