June 14, 2018

The Australian Manuka Honey Association plays an important role in the production and promotion of authentic, certified and raw Australian Manuka Honey.  AMHA has created an official label of authenticity which you will soon see on all Nature’s Gold packaging and websites.

Honey that carries AMHA’s Mark of Authenticity ensures that the product is pure, natural Manuka honey, produced entirely in Australia.  It also means that Nature’s Gold honey (and the honey used in our skincare products) has been tested by an AMHA approved independent laboratory.  This official testing ensures the honey meets minimum standards of naturally occurring methylglyoxal (MGO), and dihydroxyacetone (DHA). The level of MGO determines the potency of the manuka honey, while the amount of DHA shows that this potency came naturally from the bees collecting Manuka nectar.

AMHA has chosen to use the MGO rating system to keep in line with changing international standards.  There are a few different ratings commonly used for Manuka Honey.  Many retailers have shown interest in using only one global rating system, and MGO is now commonly the preferred rating system globally.  One rating system for all Manuka Honey allows consumers to easily identify and compare the different brands of Manuka Honey from any given retailer.

The AMHA is a relatively new organization, formed by a group of Australia’s leading Manuka honey exporters in 2017.  The AMHA’s objectives are as follows:

'-Foster the growth of our local Manuka honey industry and the sale of Australian Manuka honey internationally
-Provide authenticity to all Australian produced Manuka honey
-Support scientific research of Australian Manuka honey and its uses
-Increase the knowledge and understanding of the properties of Australian Manuka honey
-Restrict international naming or market rights to Manuka honey
-Protect and promote Australian Leptospermum species plant material
-Represent Australian Manuka producers and packers through one common organisation
-Advocate for the interests of our industry in administrative and legislative matters'

We are excited to grow the Australian Manuka Honey industry with AMHA, and share our amazing Manuka Honey with the world.  Look out for the AMHA logo on our products soon:

Australian Manuka Honey Association

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