May 29, 2018

At Nature’s Gold, our number one priority has always been to produce high standard products with elite natural ingredients.  Manuka Honey is a featured ingredient in all of our products, and we are always researching initiatives to ensure the Manuka Honey in our products is the best quality around.  In March 2018, Nature’s Gold helped to incorporate the Australian Farming Together/ABC Honey co-op initiative, which allows beekeepers to share in the profits from the entire chain of the hive to the consumer.  Beginning with production right up to the end user, beekeepers benefit.

Forming a co-op and undertaking a joint venture with Nature’s Gold has helped apiarists invest in technology to create the highest standards of Australian honey for the world to enjoy.  
By collaborating with ABC Honey and Nature’s Gold, the co-op has been able to create a stand-alone packing house, and install a sophisticated honey aeration plant to secure a major supply contract.  The co-op also offers packing services to all members of the co-operative under their own labels. The co-op is also preparing to introduce mobile extraction units for the honey, which creates a natural process for preventing raw honey from crystalizing.  Aeration plants are used extensively overseas, but are an Australian-first.

Working collaboratively allows beekeepers to save money, potentially make more money, and ensure their honey stays at a high-standard from the hive all the way to the end customer, whether those customers are local or overseas.  

“Co-operatives are the building blocks of all great economic activity, they formalize loose partnerships and make them work for the benefit of all the members,” - Richard Symes Cooperative Co-founder.

This exciting new collaboration for Nature’s Gold means that we can ensure we maintain healthy relationships with the elite beekeepers across Australia, whose quality standards are only the best.

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