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February 13, 2019

The Australian Manuka Honey Association (AMHA) is proud to announce the
date for public presentation of the new Mark of Authenticity. Products bearing
the mark will be unveiled at the AMHA AGM on 20 February 2019, and Nature's Gold is proud to be included in this exclusive range of products.

The Criteria for defning Australian Manuka honey require that Methylglyoxal
(MGO), Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and Leptosperin are all present in the honey,
with the testing required to be conducted by an independent analytical

Developed by Australia's leading manuka scientists; producers, packers,
retailers and exporters of Australian Manuka can use the Mark of Authenticity
to give consumers con dence that they are buying 100% authentic Australian
Manuka honey.

This is the mark to look for in the near future to confirm if your Australian Manuka Honey is truly authentic, and Methylglyoxal levels can be trusted:


If you would like to learn more about Australian Manuka honey, check out this video from the Australian Manuka Honey Association:


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