May 23, 2017

In recent years, Manuka Honey has been featured by many sources as a remedy for digestive health.  We absolutely agree that Manuka Honey assists with digestive issues, as well as assisting with the recovery of the common cold.  

Simple and effective preventative care for your body both inside and out is always attractive, especially when you are dealing with a busy schedule, and a natural remedy is always best.  Multiple studies have shown that Manuka Honey is effective in assisting to reduce re-flux, reduce inflammation from a sore throat, reduce the growth of strep bacteria, reduce colonic inflammation, and balancing gut bacteria.

There are many remedies out there for all of the above conditions, but Honey is an especially attractive remedy because it is an all-natural ingredient that has been used for centuries.  Manuka Honey is particularly effective because of the high levels of hydrogen peroxide, and enzymes it contains compared to regular honey.  

One teaspoon of Manuka Honey a day is all it takes to keep up your preventative internal care with Manuka Honey.  You can simply take a teaspoon of honey like you would medicine, or you can enjoy a drizzle of honey over your cereal, in your tea, on your toast, or incorporate it into almost any breakfast.

Manuka Honey has also recently been shown to help with sleep by helping the body release melatonin, which is essential for a restful, deep sleep.  So, if you aren’t a fan of a sweet breakfast, bedtime is also a great time of the day to take your daily dose of Manuka Honey.  

It is also important to choose a Manuka honey with an appropriate rating in order to be effective.  Understanding how Manuka Honey is rated and why can be confusing, so we have created a table to help you navigate Manuka Honey strength, and for you to decide which strength is best for you.  

As with any new routine related to health, we always suggest trying it for two weeks, and then evaluate the differences you see and feel with your body.  We’d love to hear your feedback too!

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