March 07, 2016

We were delighted to be recently mentioned by NU Health and Wellness in their 2016 Skin Goals write-up.  Natasha referred to Manuka Honey as a Superfood for your skin, and we absolutely agree!  Not only is it wonderful for use on your skin, it will also do incredible favors for skin hydration when you eat it.  And the great thing about Manuka Honey, is it compliments so many different foods.  Here are some of our favorite meals that incorporate Manuka Honey:

Oatmeal -  A great way to sweeten up a healthy and filling breakfast. 


Ice Cream -  A small scoop of organic vanilla ice cream with a drizzle of Manuka Honey is delicious and is a great option for a low calorie dessert.

Cheese and Crackers -  Hosting friends or family in your home?  Drizzle a little Manuka Honey over your favorite soft cheese and serve with crackers for a sophisticated appetizer.

Tea -  Honey is a popular addition to a cup of tea, and Manuka Honey is an even better addition!

Salad Dressing -  Add some Manuka Honey into your homemade dressing for a sweet and delicious addition to your salad.  A simple combination of vinegar, olive oil, Manuka Honey, salt and pepper is all it takes to elevate a salad.

Smoothie -  The great thing about smoothies is the amount of healthy ingredients you an pack into just one glass.  Manuka Honey is a great ingredient to add to any smoothie to sweeten it up, especially if you are not including berries in your smoothie.

Next time you are planning out your meals for the day, try incorporating some Manuka Honey.  It will do big favors for your skin hydration with little effort from  you!  And for those that do not have time to plan and add Manuka Honey to your daily meals, there is a simple alternative:  Eat a spoonful of Manuka Honey every day.  This is an easy addition to any morning routine, and it will keep your skin healthy from the inside out.

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