February 15, 2016

You may have caught wind of a trend where applying Manuka Honey (or products that contain Manuka Honey) onto your acne will clear up your problem skin.  To a certain extent this claim has validity, but the type of product, or the type of honey you use is important, especially if you are dealing with sensitive skin.

Nature’s Gold skincare products have been formulated to be gentle and effective on sensitive skin, but the main reason people see results when applying to acne is the high grade Manuka Honey it contains.  Any honey is typically great for sensitive skin, however in order to see true results, you will want to ensure that the honey is REAL Manuka Honey, and has a high NPA or UMF rating.  

Our favorite product to use on acne is our Manuka Power Concentrated Ointment.  The Ointment contains a high Manuka Honey NPA rating of 15+, and the ointment is packed with 30% Manuka Honey.  It is light enough to apply to your acne concern areas, and is best used if you dab a little on the concentrated area before bed.  We recommend spot treating just one acne scar or pimple first to ensure it is a perfect fit for your skin.  If you find that this treatment is working for your acne, then adding a moisturizer that contains Manuka Honey to your daily routine may be a great preventative treatment for you.

In the case of sensitive skin, I recommend trying our Manuka Skin Cream for your daily moisturizer.  The base of this cream has a similar formulation to Aqueous Cream, and has been specifically designed for highly sensitive skin.  While the scent may not be as floral or as elegant as our Jojoba Daily Moisturizer, it is packed with lots of Manuka Honey, and ingredients that are great for use on sensitive skin.

Best of luck with your acne treatment, and if you find our products worked well for you, we would love to see your before and after pictures!!

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