February 03, 2016

Ok, it’s not exactly 10 years since the emergence of Manuka Honey.  The honey and the bees have been around for centuries....of course.  But, 2016 does mark the 10 year anniversary for scientific research and discoveries of the amazing natural benefits of Manuka Honey.   2006 was only the beginning of the scientific discoveries on Manuka Honey, with research still continuing today.  

The benefits discovered by both scientists and active users of Manuka Honey have been substantial over the last 10 years, and we are excited to see where the continuing research leads us over the next 10 years.  We are grateful for the scientific research, as new discoveries assist us in improving our Manuka Honey products.

We also conduct a little research ourselves every now and then.  We have recently arranged to create a batch of our Manuka Power Ointment for the USA with Active 22+ Manuka Honey vs the current 15+.  This is a significant boost in the strength of Manuka Honey is our best-selling product.  We are expecting the trial to show great results, and we are excited to be able to offer such a high strength of Manuka Honey in our favorite product exclusively to our US customers.  We are getting ready to ship our Active 22+ batch of Manuka Power Ointment to the USA in March 2016, so keep checking back for our announcement of when it will hit the shelves.  Remember, this is a TRIAL only, so we will have a limited supply of the high-strength ointment available.  

Learn more about our Manuka Power Ointment:

Manuka Honey Cream

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