November 09, 2015

From savory parsnip chips to scented sex toys, Manuka Honey is appearing as a featured element in products everywhere!  I have been enjoying watching the latest trends, and where Manuka Honey is going to be featured next.

Here are some of my favorites.  Some are my favorites because I would love to try them, others made the list because they are just so surprising that they had to be featured!

 Manuka Honey and Parsnip Crisps by Leighton Brown
This London-based chip-making company has infused Manuka Honey powder into their parsnip crisps to create a natural award-winning crisp sold in stores throughout the UK.

 Manuka Honey Chocolate Bar
The New Zealand Company ZibaDel Creations produces chocolate-covered Manuka Honey.  So, if you have a sweet tooth, and the sweetness of Manuka Honey just doesn’t cut it for you, there is always the option of eating it covered in chocolate!

 Manuka Honey Tea
I have always told my friends and family to put a dollop of Manuka Honey in their tea to sweeten it, or to assist them when they are under the weather.  But, it appears that you don’t even have to take the extra step if it is too much for you to handle.  Pukka produces a Manuka honey and Lemon-Ginger tea already infused with Manuka Honey.

Manuka Honey Scented Vibrator
LELO, the producer of sex toys has released a new range of scented vibrators, one of the scents being Manuka Honey and Lavender.  LELO conducted extensive research into the scents they chose for their new vibrator range, and they have concluded that the scent of Manuka Honey is an aphrodisiac.  Who knew?

I find it interesting and intriguing that our favorite natural ingredient is trending is many forms.  So, if you love Manuka Honey as much as we do, maybe you might consider trying one if these products if you come across them in your local store.

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