October 29, 2015

Our Manuka Power Concentrated Ointment is one of our most popular products, and with good reason.  Our all-purpose ointment is packed with 30% Manuka Honey Active 15 plus, and is great to use for:

- Dry Skin Relief

- Hydrating the skin, even on your face

- Keeping your cuticles looking sharp

- Soothing cuts and scratches

- An intensive lip balm

- A face mask

This all-purpose ointment is one of my personal favorite Nature’s Gold products, and it also appears to be yours too, since it is one of our best-sellers!  To help you keep our Manuka Power always plentiful , we have released a twin pack, with a value price for buying two!  And who doesn’t love a discount?

Manuka Power Ointment

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