October 21, 2015

The popularity of Manuka Honey around the world is growing rapidly, and with demand often comes opportunities for fake products to enter the market.  In recent years the Manuka Honey industry has seen a rise in the amount of fake Manuka Honey being sold worldwide.  This has been a headache for the producers and sellers of real Manuka Honey products, and also a disappointment for the consumers.  

The good news is, just last week the UMF association of New Zealand who approves all real quality Manuka Honey produced in New Zealand, has announced that they have funded the development of a handheld device that will have the ability to detect real Manuka Honey by way of shining a florescent light into honey samples to detect the presence of unique substances that only exist in Manuka Honey.  

The development of this device is great news for companies that produce or sell real Manuka Honey, and also great news for the consumers who pay a high price for quality Manuka Honey.

New Zealand is the leading contributor to the Manuka Honey industry, so it is great to see the UMF association taking the lead on creating such a device.   Australia has also recently seen a boom in the production of Manuka Honey.  Many different species of Leptospermum are found across Australia, and recent University studies have indicated that the strength of Australian Manuka Honey is often stronger than most of the strands found in New Zealand.  Australian Manuka Honey is graded with an NPA rating vs a UMF rating for New Zealand honey, but the proposed device being developed by the UMF association is set to be available worldwide, and will detect the presence of unique Manuka Honey substances in both Australian and New Zealand Manuka Honey.

Nature’s Gold is excited about this development, and will keep you updated as we hear more about the study.

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