October 03, 2015

It saddens us to share the news that Dr Peter Molan of Hamilton, New Zealand died on September 30th 2015.  Dr Molan was the first to conduct extensive research on the benefits of Manuka Honey, and is responsible for identifying and uncovering Manuka Honey’s healing powers.  Molan began his research on Manuka Honey back in 1981, and founded the Honey Research Unit at the University of Waikato in 1995.  Dr Molan continued his Manuka Honey research for much of the remainder of his life, only retiring from his position at the University of Waikato in April last year.  

Dr Molan’s wife was quoted last week saying "His honey work was his passion in life. It wasn't only his passion, it was his hobby... That was what he loved to do."  

Dr Molan has long been claimed responsible for alerting the world of the benefits of Manuka Honey when used on the skin.  We personally owe a huge thanks to Dr Molan for sharing his research on Manuka Honey with the world, and contributing to inspiring our founder Jill to conduct her own research on Manuka Honey and create our amazing skin care range that we are proud to share with the world.

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