August 08, 2015

My name is Candice, and I was born and raised in Australia.  I married an American, and we have a 1 year old son.  We currently split our time between living in the USA and the Cayman Islands, so to put it mildly, we are always on the go.  

Over the past few years my skincare routine was severely lacking, and my dry, neglected skin was constantly a problem.  I have always been an advocate for trying new things, and if a ‘new thing’ is something I really like or enjoy, then I tend to become an advocate for it. On my last trip to Australia I discovered Nature’s Gold.  I had the pleasure of meeting with the owner Jill in our shared hometown, Brisbane Australia.  Jill blew me away with the dedication and effort she had put into developing a skincare range that was high-quality and well researched.  Australian Manuka Honey is the focus of the brand (if you haven’t already figured that out), and it has done wonders for my skin.  So, needless to say I volunteered to help launch the brand in the USA.  

Why do I think Nature’s Gold is so great?  
I had read about the benefits of Manuka Honey for skin before, but buying a jar of honey and applying it to my skincare routine was not on the cards for me as a busy mom. I loved the convenience of the products, and the results were so quick to show, that I was really pleased with my purchases after only one week.  Here are my three favorite products and why:

Manuka Honey Active 20+ Skin Cream
This is a multi-purpose moisturizer, and you will notice the healing of your dry skin after applying it only one time.  Manuka Honey with a high Active Rating (20+ is high), has been found in laboratory studies to be twice as effective as other honeys for having great moisturizing and nourishing properties.  

The 1.8oz tube is perfect, because I can take it traveling with me, and apply anywhere my skin needs some love.  It also doubles as a great face moisturizer at night.  The Manuka Honey penetrates deep into the skin, and my face really has a more youthful glowing look to it these days.

Manuka Power Concentrated Ointment
This small tube of ointment is what I like to call my miracle tube.  I use it for so many things!  My favorites:
- It is an amazing lip balm, and it has a nice bonus sheen to it, so it doubles as a gloss.
- I rub it on and around my cuticles when I am on a plane or before bed.  It keeps my fingertips looking fabulous, especially for a mom who never has time for manicures.  
- I use it to help soothe my son’s little cuts and scratches.
When I actually have time to apply a face mask, I always mix a little Manuka
Power into it.  When I am pushed for time, I apply a thin layer of Manuka Power to my face while I assist my son at mealtime for half an hour.

Manuka Refresh Spritzer and Toner
After I became a mother, I completely eliminated toning from my skincare routine.  I figured if I only have 30 seconds to focus on my face in the morning, the toner would be the best item to eliminate.  The Manuka Refresh Spray bottle has brought back toning into my routine.  I love the idea of a spritzer!  I spray it on so quickly, and I love the smell, so I actually use it anytime I need a pick--me-up in the middle of the day (especially when my son is having ‘one of those days’).

These days I actually use all of the Nature’s Gold products, and I have not been disappointed so far!  I will share my experiences with the other products as we continue the Nature’s Gold journey in the USA.  

If you have any questions about Nature’s Gold USA, please email me:, or comment below.  I would love to hear from you!

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