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May 05, 2016

Finding the right skincare products to take with you when you travel can be difficult sometimes, especially if you are only traveling with carry-on luggage.  I still like to keep up a good skincare routine when I travel, but taking all of my skincare products with me is too much to handle, even if I check luggage.

My favorite skincare product to take traveling is my 50g tube of Manuka Skin Cream.  It is small enough to be below the carry-on liquid limit, but a little also goes a long way, so it can last me even on long trips.  The reason I like it so much, is because it is a multi-purpose skin cream.  It is an amazing healer of dry skin, which is often inevitable when I travel, and it can also double as an intensive facial night cream.  I actually use it on a daily basis at home in my night time facial ritual, because it gives my face an amazing glow, and keeps my wrinkles and lack of sleep lines at bay:-)

It contains 20+ Active Manuka Honey, and the honey strength shows in it’s ability to keep my skin soft, especially my hands as they dry out like crazy when I travel.  The base of the cream is similar to an Aqueous Cream, which is great for sensitive skin too.  It is also made with all-natural ingredients which is of course a huge attraction for me when I am applying any product to my face.  

I always have a larger pump bottle of Manuka Skin Cream in my bathroom, and my 50g tube set aside as my favorite skincare travel companion.

Manuka Moisturizer

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